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With this Service, one can easily search the list of entities that have filed for Corporate Name or Mark protection with the Bureau’s Division of Corporations.

Name Search

Recommended search techniques include exact text of the entity name or mark, keyword with wildcard (%) and partial Keyword with wildcard (%). Implementing one of these search techniques will optimize search results to display all occurrences of entities that contain that string. The search program simultaneously queries the Legal Name, Former Name and Assumed Name data fields of the Corporate entity database and queries the Mark Text data field while searching for registered Marks. For best results, try to narrow your search as much as possible by searching on less common words or by using a combination of words.

    To search for Acme Company, Inc.
    exact text search: Acme Company, Inc.
    keyword with wildcard (%): %acme%
    partial keyword with wild card (%): %acm%

Charter Number Search

Please enter the 10 digit charter number of the entity to be searched. If the charter number has only 9 digits, you must place a space between the 8th and 9th digits.

    19990000 D or 19900000ND

Search Results

When you activate the search function, a list of entity names that match your search criteria will be displayed. To view the Information Summary (Legal, Assumed or Former names, Charter Number, Filing Date, Filing Type, Jurisdiction, Status and Clerk/Registered Agent) or Mark Information Summary (Owner Name and Address, Mark Number, Filing Date, Expiration Date, Mark Type Owner Type and Jurisdiction), simply click on the appropriate link associated with the name searched.

There is no fee to view or print the Corporate Summary, the Mark Summary or the List of Filings. A $3.00 per record fee will apply when you view Additional Addresses, Stock Data, Mark Class, the Articles and all Amendments or other records itemized on the List of Filings. Once viewed, there is no additional fee to print these screens. Certified copies of all records are available. An additional $5.00 fee will apply for each certified record. Please note, only one $5.00 certification fee will be assessed, per entity, to certify all documents selected from list of filings.

Definition of entity types

An entity may be a domestic or foreign Corporation (business or nonprofit), Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, or a Mark. Below is a list of definitions of the different types of entities on file with the Bureau.

Key to abbreviations
Domestic business entities
B Financial Institution
CP Cooperative Corporation
Enterprise owned jointly by those who use its facilities or services.
D Business Corporation
Legal entity formed for the purpose of creating a profit, having shares or units of stock representing ownership.
DC Limited Liability Company
Legal entity which is a cross between a corporation (limited liability for its members) and a partnership (treated like one for tax purposes).
DP Domestic Limited Liability Partnership
An election made by a general partnership which allows the general partnership to preserve its traditional structure and offers the partners some protection from vicarious liability for claims arising from the conduct of the partnership business.
I Insurance Corporation
Corporation or association whose business is to make contracts of insurance.
L Non-Profit Local Independent Church
LP Limited Partnership
Partnership in which one or more general partners manage the business and are liable for debts and one or more limited partners who contribute capital, share in profits, do not run business and incur no liability except capital contribution.
LN Reserved Name of a Limited Partnership *
M Mark ***
N Non-Profit Corporation (under Title 13)
Corporation formed under Title 13, Chapter 81 or Chapter 83 for some charitable or benevolent purpose and not for profit-making. Limited in scope.
ND Non-Profit Corporation (under Title 13-B)
Corporation formed under Title 13-B for some charitable or benevolent purpose and not for profit. Encompasses the majority of nonprofit corporations.
RC Reserved Name for a Limited Liability Company *
RD Reserved Name for a Business Corporation *
RI Interim Reserved Name for a Business Corporation
Holds or reserves a name for 10 days only. Allows any individual to reserve a business corporation name on behalf of a second party.
RN Reserved Name for a Non-Profit Corporation *
RP Reserved Name for a Limited Liability Partnership *
RR Railroad Corporation
Foreign business entities
A "foreign" business entity is one that was first formed under the laws of another state or country and intends to do business in Maine.
CR Registered name of a Limited Liability Company **
F Business Corporation Doing Business in Maine
FC Limited Liability Company Doing Business in Maine
FP Limited Liability Partnership Doing Business in Maine
LF Limited Partnership doing Business in Maine
LR Registered Name of a Limited Partnership
NF Non-Profit Corporation
NR Registered Name of a Non-Profit Corporation **
PR Registered Name of a Limited Liability Partnership
R Registered Name of a Business Corporation **

* Reservation of Name The applicant can be an individual or a business entity who gives an address either in Maine or out of state. Reserved names are temporary and will expire at the end of the 120-day filing period. Actual use of the name is not recommended until the purpose for which the name is reserved is completed.
** Registration of Name For foreign entities only, cannot be filed by an individual. A registration merely protects the name, does not give authority to do business or carry on activities. Unlike all other filings, a registration of name is filed on a calendar year basis and must be renewed yearly prior to December 31st.
*** Mark Design A trademark or service mark which has no words or text. It consists of a logo or design only. A mark must be in use before it can be accepted for filing. Currently, marks are protected for ten years.
When no mark text has been provided, the Secretary of State's office uses the phrase MRKDSGN to indicate a logo has been described. For more information regarding marks, visit the Maine Marks Guide at

If you encounter technical difficulties while using these services, please contact InforME the Webmaster. If you are unable to find the information you need through the resources provided on this web site, please contact the Division of Corporations, UCC & Commissions Reporting and Information Section at 207-624-7752 or e-mail.

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